Useful Products

In the interest of saving money, a carry on suitcase is ideal for those who wish to travel in bursts. This cabin bag has plenty of room and is suitably portable, lightweight and secure. Just as important, it has been certified to comply with airline regulations like Ryanair and Easyjet among others. Click on the suitcase to read the reviews, or search for a different one if this isn’t your cuppa tea. 

A camera could be seen as a luxury when you have a phone in your pocket, however travelling across Europe, in some destinations, it’s preferable to whip out a camera or have one attached around your neck. Decent cameras are relatively cheap nowadays, and you would be surprised how tedious it is going through the motions when you see a nice building or monument. Pictures do help you relive and remember all the subtle aspects of the trip you forget about so quality is important. I went a bit overboard when I bought one, its been in my draw since gathering dust, there are hi-spec, cheap alternatives available such as the picture links below. Be aware that cameras may need memory cards, such as the ones below and they can be found on related products.






One of the positives of coach travel except for the price is the downtime in which you can see the countryside and read, a kindle from Amazon is so helpful for that. Books can be heavier and singular. I take one everywhere, but it’s satisfying to be in another country seeing things other people will not and deciding on which book I want to get through.